I Believe in the Beauty of Color

Cosmetic dermatology is my vocation and passion. Advancing the medical art and science of hair and skin of color is my life’s purpose.
picture of dr. dele michael
portrait of dr. dele michael

Beautiful Beginnings

Born in Brooklyn, I grew up in Nigeria with parents who worked in the medical sciences. Thanks to them, I was exposed to physicians who looked just like me from an early age. In 1996, I came back to New York for college and to realize my dream of becoming a doctor.

Innovating Inclusivity

I launched my dermatology practice in 2012 because no one did what I wanted to do; provide culturally competent and responsive skin and hair care to people of color. Today we serve a diverse clientele in three NYC locations: Midtown, Harlem, and Washington Heights.

A Radiant Outlook

After helping thousands of people with skin and hair challenges, I know how to create positive change. From my ADM Skincare line to my Radiant Skin Dermatology & Laser clinics and peer coaching and mentoring, I’m dedicated to revolutionizing Beauty of Color.

A Radiant Mission

The Beauty of Color is undeniable. And yet, the field of dermatology and the beauty industry do little to prioritize the health, safety, and efficacy of treatments for people of color.

My mission is to fill the knowledge gap in caring for hair and skin of color.

My Promise to You

I only use products and treatments on you that I would use on myself. I invest in specialized lasers and technologies that are proven safe and effective for skin of color. And my ADM Skincare products are made with love and science for your best health and results.
skincare products by dr. dele michael
portrait of dr. dele

For more information, view Dr. Dele-Michael’s CV.

Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael is board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology, a Diplomate of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She received her Doctorate of Medicine with distinction in community service at the University Of Rochester School Of Medicine

Dr. Dele-Michael completed her dermatology residency at Wayne State University, where she also served as Chief Resident. Dr. Dele-Michael opened her first private practice, Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser, in New York City in 2012. Today, she owns three successful offices in Washington Heights, Harlem, and on Central Park South in Midtown Manhattan. An authority in skin of color care, Dr. Dele-Michael is known for treating the root causes of a wide range of skin concerns using her Layered-Approach™️ method.

She is a leader in the use of lasers and devices to treat skin concerns for people of color, expertly treating each client with compassion and exceptional care. Whether you see her in person, on the web, or on stage, Dr. Dele-Michael is dedicated to Advancing the Beauty of Color™️.

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