Can EMSCULPT NEO Help to Reduce Fat?

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EMSCULPT® Neo was released in October 2020 amid much fanfare in the medical bodysculpting community. The EMsculpt Neo adds fat eliminating radiofrequency treatment to the original EMSCULPT device that is already known and trusted for its proven muscle sculpting ability.

If you wanted to have a perkier butt or the ideal abs without injections or surgery, the original EMSCULPT treatment was the solution. Now with the EMSCULPT NEO, one can receive two treatments in one 30 minutes session.

The EMSCULPT NEO treatment is different from traditional body sculpting because it combines muscle building with fat reduction. In clinical studies, most patients had 30% muscle growth and 25% muscle growth, and 30% fat reduction after 3 treatment sessions spaced 5- 10 days apart. With the clinical protocol of 4 treatments sessions, more >25% muscle growth and >30% fat reduction is expected.

Why EMSCULPT NEO is the best solution for Fat Reduction

If you have considered body sculpting regimens through diet and exercise in the past, you know that the key to lasting fat reduction and loss of inches is gaining muscle. Skeletal muscles cells are very metabolically active even at rest unlike fat cells. So the more muscle you gain, the more metabolically active you will be at rest leading fat reduction and a more sculpted body.

Haha, do people really smile while working out? I know I don’t. Except when I’m receiving my weekly EMSCULPT NEO treatment, I do giggle

The EMSCULPT NEO uses HIFEM+ technology to safely induce contraction of the skeletal muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, calves and arms beyond what can be achieved voluntarily. Unless you can achieve 20, 000 abdominal crunches or squats in 30 minutes (clearly, if you can achieve this feat, you don’t need to read any further , this blog is meant for us mere mortals).

Why EMSCULPT NEO is one of the best bodysculpting treatments

To top off the muscle-building action of HIFEM+, radiofrequency was added to the EMSCULPT NEO with 3 amazing effects that are music to my ears and terror to my waistline!

1. Radiofrequency warms up the muscle before all the muscle contraction action so that you can have a more intense workout- amazing, right

2. Radiofrequency safely heats up the stubborn fat cells to a temperature of 42 degree Celsius and this temperature is maintained. At this sustained temperature, fat cells are destroyed and they are eliminated from the body via the body’s natural processes- super and awesome!!

3. Radiofrequency also heats the skin and stimulates collagen so that the skin becomes tighter with less laxity- that is just awesome.

For EMSCULPT NEO, the cumulative effect of the treatment is greater than the sum of its parts.

While the original EMSCULPT can help to sculpt the body from the muscles out. The EMSCULPT neo can help to sculpt the muscles, reduce stubborn fat, reduce skin laxity and increase the strength of the core muscle of the abdomen for improved posture.

Why EMSCULPT NEO is the best 30 minute bodysculpting activity in NYC at the moment

The best part is that EMSCULPT NEO can help you achieve your goal of fat reduction, muscle growth and skin tightening in one 30 minutes session without having to undergo surgery or liposuction. In fact, there is no downtime after this treatment so you can go back to your regular routine.

With all that can be achieved in one 30 minutes session of the EMSCULPT NEO treatment, you will need to find a new hobby to replace all the time spent dieting and being weak from caloric restriction or the time spent doing all the intense fitness classes.

The EMSCULPT NEO should be a supplement to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Despite the fact that EMSCULPT NEO treatments produce reliable great results, one should not get carried away and feast on junk food or become a couch potato. The overall goal of any body sculpting treatment is long-term reduction of excess subcutaneous fat and increased overall wellness. To that end, one must cultivate healthy habits such as regular exercise and a wholesome, healthful diet.

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Get started with the 30-minute fat reducing and muscle building EMSCULPT NEO treatment that fits into your busy schedule and won’t cause any downtime so you can have more time to enjoy the important things in life, whatever those important things are for you.

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Adebola Dele-Michael, MD

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