Skin Tightening With Radiofrequency

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Get trimmed, tightened and toned for an overall younger-looking appearance

30 min  |  Starting at $600

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Shape and contour your skin and say goodbye to the jiggles

Get trimmed, tightened and toned for an overall younger-looking appearance

30 min  |  Starting at $600

Tighten the skin, treat cellulite and reduce stubborn fat in one treatment

Devices: Exilis Elite, Accent Prime, Tempsure Envi

How it works

Switching from treating unwanted fat to skin tightening in one session has never been easier. Our Radiofrequency devices feature fat-melting modules and skin-tightening modules. By varying the depths of RF penetration, we can customize the treatment for skin tightening, fat reduction or both. During the treatment, precisely controlled radiofrequency energy is used to heat the deeper layers of the skin for fat reduction while heat is delivered to the superficial layers of the skin for skin tightening

Why it’s awesome

RF safely and effectively combines skin tightening and fat reduction without downtime in all skin tones

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Questions? We’re here for you.

What are the counterindications to RF?

Active cold sores caused by herpes simplex virus, sunburns, open wounds, Isotretinoin use

What should I expect during treatment?

Treatments are comfortable and feel like a warm massage.

How long is the recovery after RF?

Treatment time varies between 30- 60 minutes depending on the area treated. Skin redness following treatment typically subsides 15-30 minutes after treatment. There is no downtime

How should I care for my skin after RF?

You should wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure to protect your skin. Because RF energy bypasses the surface of the skin, make-up, moisturizes and sunscreens may be applied immediately following treatment

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“My skin has never looked so great before I started going to Dr. Dele-Michael.”


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