Damages of Modern Beauty Standards

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In the age of social media, everyone can fall into the lives of influencers, beauty gurus, and internet personalities. Fads, fashion and beauty trends are spotlighted and then followed by young people around the world. Unfortunately, many of these new standards in beauty are impossibly high, and leave those who try to achieve them mentally and physically drained. 

For women especially, the standard of beauty is not only unrealistic, but far too high. The idea of the perfect body or look is idolized by those in their teens and into adulthood. Many of these women find themselves spending large amounts of money and time trying to attain looks that aren’t meant to be gained and replicated. The looks that they try to imitate from models and influencers online are oftentime edited to look a certain way and wholly impossible to physically recreate. 

The great lengths people are going through to achieve these looks are vast. From botox, plastic surgery,  and laser procedures, it’s an impossible feat to accomplish to get even a margin of those looks. 

This unhealthy obsession has even been crafted and showcased in a popular television show, Botched, where doctors fix plastic surgery and botox procedures that have “gone wrong”. The show can be seen as comical because of the cases that come in for work, but it’s an insight into how dangerous these standards of beauty have become. 

The stress and low confidence that comes with wanting to meet these beauty standards is causing damaging psychological effects. Unhealthy eating habits, quick fixes,  and repeated procedures to get the “perfect look”. Many people are risking their health and lives for it, becoming more prone to infections, injuries, and disorders that are developed through their pursuits. They are being led to believe that their worth is connected to their appearance. 

Getting procedures done on your body is a normalized idea. What makes it dangerous is chasing looks that are photoshopped or altered and ignoring the physical and mental damage that can come from it. Being mindful and educated about the procedures you want to get done on your body can lead you to making smarter choices and getting professional consultations that will best assist you. 

At Radiant Skin Dermatology and Laser, you will be connected with highly knowledgeable and friendly assistance to assure you get the look that fits you. The focus is on enhancing your own beauty and making sure you leave our offices feeling better than when you arrived.  

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