7 Facts You Should Know About Body Sculpting Treatments

How does body sculpting work? Why do you need body sculpting? Moreover, what are its benefits? Body sculpting is not an ancient or unknown factor in skincare; it is a modern approach to skincare. We’ve compiled all the facts and information you need to know about body sculpting, its benefits, advantages, and disadvantages into seven exciting and informative pieces. Throughout this guide, we’ll examine what body sculpting is, the different types of body sculpting treatments, facts, and benefits, as well as a few reasons why you need it.

What Is Body Sculpting

It involves both surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments for fat removal, body shaping, reshaping, and tightening specific areas of the body. It is an effective medical procedure that targets body parts that exercise and dieting cannot reach, such as the stomach and thighs. Diet and exercise are essential components of the whole-body sculpting process, helping to yield better results. The common misconception about body sculpting is that it leads to weight loss. As its name implies, body sculpting is focused on reshaping and contouring specific body areas, not weight loss. Its particular purpose explains why it’s also called body contouring.

Different Types of Body Sculpting

There are different types of body sculpting treatments, each with its own specific procedures and preparations. Results and side effects can also differ depending on the kind of body sculpting treatment performed. Body sculpting consists primarily of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The surgical procedures are known to have better results with long-lasting effects but more severe adverse effects. The non-surgical procedures are also very effective, often with virtually no side effects. That is why it is crucial to be informed about the various body sculpting options before choosing a treatment. Certain areas of the body require surgical or non-surgical procedures to get the desired results. Types of non-surgical body sculpting include;

  • Cryolipolysis/ Cooling sculpting
  • Injection lipolysis
  • Laser treatment
  • Radiofrequency
  • Trusculpt ID
  • Emsculpt Neo
  • Exilis Elite

4 Common Body Sculpting Treatments

Here we will focus on four types of non-invasive body sculpting treatments.


Cryolipolysis, also known as CoolSculpting treatment, is one of the most popular body-sculpting procedures. It works by freezing fat layers beneath the skin without harming it, reducing it by 25%. It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical fat treatment procedure that effectively removes extra fat cells underneath the skin. Additionally, it is more effective than other traditional non-surgical methods of fat removal. Its effects are visible three months after the procedure, and the fat cells do not return after the treatment. With CoolSculpting, areas with frozen, dead fat cells are cleansed via the body’s natural fat elimination pathway. Dramatic results may be noticed as early as two weeks after the treatment in some cases.

Trusculpt ID

The Trusculpt ID is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure that utilizes radio frequency to eliminate excess fat, just like Exilis does. Because of its effectiveness in reducing fat and tightening skin, it’s mainly used in stubborn areas that exercise and diet cannot affect. The applicators are small and can be placed in contoured regions of the body where CoolSculpting or Emscult Neo applicators can not fit. It effectively eliminates on average 25% excess fat with each treatment session. Popular treatment areas are the under the chin, abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, bra rolls, muffin-tops, and flanks. Treatments are quick and are completed in 15 minutes.

Emsculpt Neo

An effective body sculpting procedure eliminates excess fat in targeted areas while building muscles in under 30 minutes. It’s an effective non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that truly sculpts the body from the muscles below the skin to the crepey-ness of the skin above. This method also uses radiofrequency and HIFEM technology. The stats are Fat Reduction – on average 30%, Muscle Gain – on average 25%, and Reduction in abdominal separation – on average 19%. Radiofrequency heats up the skin safely with visible skin tightening results as well.

The difference between Emsculpt Neo and Emsculpt is that Emsculpt Neo provides HIFEM muscle contraction and Radiofrequency responsible for melting fat and tightening the skin. Emsculpt only provides HIFEM muscle contraction.

Exilis Elite

Exilis utilizes radiofrequency to safely focus heat energy in the subcutaneous fat layer of the body. This process liquefies the fat in the treated area, reducing excess fat and heating the skin above, thereby tightening loose, saggy skin. Exilis Elite is an advanced version of Exilis that goes one step further in terms of body sculpting. It effectively tightens loose and saggy skin in treated areas of the body, giving fast, effective results with virtually no downtime.

Dermatologist Giving a Woman a exilist elite Treatment

7 Facts About Body Sculpting Procedures

1. Not Restricted by Gender

Anyone can get body sculpting done, including men. The assumption that body sculpting only benefits women is inaccurate. As previously stated, diet and exercise will complement the effects of body sculpting and enhance the results. Body sculpting can help men achieve more defined abs by getting rid of excess fat and loose skin in the abdomen. It can also help eliminate love handles and pockets of fat in the chest region.

2. Not All Body Sculpting Is Surgical

Body sculpting the body is not limited to surgical procedures. There are also non-surgical procedures that give excellent results. While surgical procedures are appropriate for more severe body sculpting needs, non-surgical procedures also provide satisfactory results. Most CoolSculpting treatment areas show visible results in three months, making CoolSculpting one of the world’s most performed body sculpting procedures. Compared to non-surgical procedures, surgical procedures carry a greater risk of complications and downtime. Exilis Elite and TruSculpt ID are excellent examples of non-surgical body sculpting procedures. They utilize radiofrequency to focus energy into fat tissues, liquifying subcutaneous fat and stimulating collagen production for skin tightening. 

3. Body Sculpting Is More Than Fat Removal

Body sculpting is not just about removing fat; it’s much more than that. While the most common procedures involve removing excess fat from specific parts and areas of the body, fat can also be transferred to other areas of the body. In fat transfer, such as the popular Brazilian Butt lift, fat is removed with liposuction. The aspirated fat is treated and injected under the skin to fill, contour, and reshape the buttocks, making them more defined and curvy.

4. It is More Personal Than General

Various factors determine the outcome of body sculpting, most of which are more personal, so results may differ from person to person. What works for one person may not work for another. The genetics of a patient can have a significant impact on the success of a body sculpting procedure. You might need only Exilis radiofrequency treatment, while others might need a tummy tuck to get rid of unwanted fat and skin. Some people may require just one procedure, while others may require a combination of two treatment modalities. Everything depends on your targets, genetics, skin condition, and overall health.

5. Downtime Varies

Although many body-sculpting procedures promise minimal downtime, it isn’t true for all of them, especially surgical procedures. Immediately following a non-invasive treatment, you can get back to your day as you were before. Invasive treatments may require more downtime. It depends on your desired outcome, goals, area of focus, and the type of procedure performed.

6. It Is Not as Expensive as It Sounds.

Usually, when we hear about body sculpting, we think of expensive medical treatments. The truth is they can be very affordable depending on the procedure selected. The more complicated a body sculpting procedure is, such as when general anesthesia is involved, the higher the cost. Whether it is a simple skin tightening procedure or fat reduction with fat transfer, your desired goals will determine the price. However, you can always find coolsculpting promotion. Contact us today to discover how we can help you achieve your body sculpting goals.

7. The Better the Surgeon, the Better the Results

The cosmetic surgeon’s expertise and experience are partly responsible for successful results in body sculpting. Problems such as asymmetry and discoloration result from poor technique. It is just as important to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon as it is to afford the procedure when it comes to body sculpting.

Is Body Sculpting for You?

Body sculpting is effective for removing fat and tightening the skin. When excess fat is eliminated, excess loose skin can become more noticeable. That’s where many non-invasive body contouring treatments excel by combining fat reduction with skin tightening. 

Many non-invasive body sculpting options are quick, with virtually no downtime, so you can continue your daily activities without interruption.

Skin quality (sagging or loose), your health status, and whether you smoke will influence which body sculpting procedure is right for you. Smokers are more likely to experience complications from surgery and anesthesia. Body sculpting is a viable option when other methods such as exercise, diets, and body creams fail to reduce unwanted fat.


Will body sculpting look fake?

A successful body sculpting procedure performed by a skilled surgeon will look as natural and unnoticeable as possible. You have nothing to fear when you are in the hands of a professional.

How long does non-invasive treatment take

Non-invasive body sculpting usually takes between 15 minutes and an hour.

Can I have multiple procedures done at once?

You can always combine procedures for even better, more defined results. This, however, should only be done with the recommendation of your surgeon.

What does fat transfer entail?

Aspirated fat is removed from liposuctioned areas of the body. The fat is treated and injected in measured aliquots into other areas as fillers. Some popular sites to inject the treated fat are the buttocks and cheeks.

Can body sculpting help get rid of fat in private areas?

Body sculpting can treat unwanted fat in regions resistant to diet and exercise, such as the pelvic area.

Can body sculpting get rid of large amounts of fat?

Body sculpting can reduce unwanted fat by 20 pounds to about 50 pounds.

Can body sculpting get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks and loose skin, especially in pregnant women, can be removed with a tummy tuck treatment to regain your pre-baby body.


Various types of body sculpting have different targets and modes of operation. There is one thing they all have in common, though: they remove excess skin, eliminate fat, and sculpt and reshape specific parts of the body. In comparison with exercise and dieting, body sculpting produces more effective and defined results in a shorter amount of time.

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